Whether you want to design your own homepage or become the next dot com millionaire! Our online web design courses are all the training you need to take you from web novice to webmaster. Check out our courses below and follow the links

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Flash Training

This Flash MX 2004 training courseteaches learners how to create animated web graphics and movies from scratch. Learners will be able to apply their knowledge to the creation of both dynamic and interactive Web graphics and applications.

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Dreamweaver Training

With Dreamwever training you will learn to create web pages very quickly and easily with a wide variety of features without having to write the HTML code by hand. It's designed to be WYSIWYG "What You See Is What You Get". No prior web skills needed!

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Dynamic HTML Training

The DHTML Training Course is intended for Web page developers who want to implement Dynamic HTML in their Web site design.This course examines the basic concepts of DHTML and the use of Cascading Style Sheets, implementing JavaScript with DHTML, and the DHTML object model. Other topics covered include objects, events and event handling, style sheets and content formatting, and binding data from other sources to Web pages.

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JavaScript Training

This JavaScript course provides an overview of the ways JavaScript can be used for adding interactivity to Web content. In addition, frames, cookies, objects, text strings, and a brief history are explained. This course is for anyone who needs to understand how JavaScript is used to develop pages for the World Wide Web.

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Photoshop Training

This online training provides learners with an overview of the most frequently used features of Photoshop CS. It teaches learners about navigation, selection, layers, layer styles, adjustment layers, layer masks, filters, colour, as well as a variety of painting, drawing, and text tools. Learners will also become familiar with using Photoshop CS for image output and Web design.

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Web Design and Graphics Training

This web design and graphics training presents concepts for designing and building Web sites. It covers how to plan the structure of a Web site, maintaining the Web site files, and considering the affect that various browsers, monitors, and systems can have on the display of a site. Strategies for making a site download quickly and display well across all browsers and systems are presented, along with creating colour schemes, backgrounds, GIF transparencies, and image maps. Additional topics covered in this series include the use of HTML and graphics for formatting and layout, and other useful tools such as frames, animated GIFs, dynamic HTML, JavaScript, QuickTime, Flash, and Shockwave.

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Web Publishing and Design with HTML 4.01 and XHTML Training

HTML(HyperText Markup Language) is the original code used to "Mark Up" web pages. HTML and it's derivatives are the building blocks of web pages. HTML especially is very important for any serious web designer to learn.

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GUI Design Training

This online training course introduces users to the primary concepts and tasks involved in graphical user interface (GUI) design. It identifies the characteristics of an effective GUI, describes usability factors, and examines the design principles of consistency, user feedback, information filtering, and the conceptual model. It also discusses in detail the effective use of colour and typography, icons and pointers, window layouts, and screen controls. The series concludes with a discussion of effective interface design, including the principles of organisation, efficiency, and communication.

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Internet Marketing (e-commerce) Training

This online training is for anyone who wants to learn the new rules of marketing and public relations that allow you to market your website effectively on the Internet.

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